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Argent for VMware
Argent for VMware provides Instant Best Practices for ESX/ESXi Hosts and all types of VM Guests.

With a vast array of Rules delivered out of the box, Argent is ready to monitor the entire VMware cloud the moment it is installed:
  • Datacenters
  • Datastores
  • Clusters
  • Resource Pools
  • ESX/ESXi Hosts
  • VM Guests - Performance Rules, Event Logs, Services, etc. for both Windows and Linux/Unix guests
  • VM Logs, Events, and Patch Versions
  • vMotion

VMware is everywhere.

And VMware is the most important Cloud Facilitator - VMware is what makes The Cloud a reality.

VMware makes all existing monitoring products obsolete - why use a product based around servers when VMware is now the center of your universe?

Old server-centric monitoring makes no sense.

Are you missing out on the technology needed for your company to stay in business?
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