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Argent for MySQL
The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems -- automatically.

General Statistics
  • Database Instance Availability
  • Server Uptime
  • Total Connection Attempts To Server
  • Number Of Current Connections
  • Number Of Aborted Connections
  • Number Of Aborted Clients
  • Number Of SSL Client Connections
  • Number Of Threads Running
  • Number Of Threads Created
  • Number Of Threads Cached
  • Number Of Current Connections per User
  • Data Traffic Total Bytes Sent To Clients
  • Data Traffic Total Bytes Received From Clients
  • Binary Log Status
  • Replication Master Status
  • Replication Slave Status
  • Replication SQL Thread Status
  • Replication Slave Lag Rules
  • Performance Statistics
  • Number Of Table Locks Waited
  • Performance Statistics
  • Number Of Table Locks Waited
  • Number Of Slow Queries
  • Number Of File System Reads
  • Number Of Full Joins
  • Key Read Efficiency
  • Key Write Efficiency
  • Table Cache Hit Rate
  • Allowed Client Connections Usage
  • Query Cache Hit Rate
  • Database Size Usage
  • Database Available Free Space
  • INNODB Deadlock Detection
  • Number Of Temporary Memory Tables
  • Number Of Temporary Files Created
  • Percentage Of Temporary Tables Created On Disk
  • Custom SQL Query Rules
  • Query
  • Operating System
  • Service Level Agreement Rules
  • Windows Service Rules
  • Next Steps



    Performance Assured by Argent® Sentinel

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