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Argent for SNMP
Argent for SNMP is more than just a monitoring solution -- like all Argent products, Argent for SNMP is a complete automation solution, automating all the essential but labor-intensive chores that all customers must perform to ensure your SNMP devices run smoothly.

Here are some of the features that Argent for SNMP provides:
  • Reliable SNMP Discovery
  • Network Topology Discovery
  • Argent Universal MIB Library
  • Support for all SNMP Versions
  • Enhanced SNMP Trap Handling Model
  • Readability of SNMP Events
  • Automatic Monitoring -- monitor devices in a few clicks

Automation - Automate All Your Work

With uniquely powerful built-in scheduling, customers can prioritize SNMP monitoring and schedule data collection for performance reports to take place in real time, once an hour or only in the evenings and advanced calendaring options allow any number of different monitoring policies.

See The Benefits For Yourself

The benefits of Argent for SNMP over its venerable predecessor are numerous -- read the Argent Encyclopedia document at http://help.Argent.com/#e_afs
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