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Argent for SAP
SAP runs your business, Argent for SAP ensures your SAP runs flawlessly.

Argent monitors your SAP landscape in real time ensuring critical business functions never slows down, or worse, stop.

Argent simplifies monitoring the complex SAP environment and helps administrators troubleshoot issues before they become critical.

Argent for SAP installs in under 10 minutes, but has more power than any product on the market.

Out of the box Argent monitors all the following:
  • SAP Process and Host Agent
  • ABAP Work Processes
  • Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
  • Trace and System Log Information
  • SAP Alerts
  • Queue Statistics
  • Access Points
  • Enqueue Locks and Server Statistics

SAP Process and Host Agent

Out of the box, Argent monitors the running status of all critical SAP processes and host agents such as 'Redundant ABAP instance', 'Enqueue separation' etc.

ABAP Work Processes

Argent monitors all critical SAP Work Processes, out of the box:
  • DIA - Dialog Process
  • UPD - Update V1 Process
  • UP2 - Update V2 Process
  • ENQ - Enqueue Process
  • BTC - Background/Batch Process
  • SPO - Spool Process

Internet Communication Manager

The status of WATCHDOG, SIGNAL and Worker Threads Count of Internet Communication Manager are monitored, out of the box.

Trace and System Log Information

TCode, Client Name, Log Type, Log Text and Log Severity of system log and developer trace log for any period are monitored, out of the box.

SAP Alerts

Argent monitors the Object, Attribute, Alert, Severity and text of Open Alerts, out of the box.

Queue Statistics

The Waiting Requests Count, Write Count and Read Count of dispatcher queue statistics are monitored, out of the box. Access Points Argent for SAP monitors the activity of Access Points, out of the box.

Enqueue Locks

Argent monitors Enqueue Lock Count Value for the following parameters as well as excessive lock counts, out of the box:
  • Shared Lock
  • Exclusive Lock
  • Optimistic Lock
  • Exclusive but not Cumulative Lock

Enqueue Server Statistics

Argent monitors Request Count values including Enqueue Request, Dequeue Request, and Enqueue Reject, out of the box.
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