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Argent's Architecture
One interface is used by all Argent products and the interface comes in both GUI and web formats.

One interface for all Argent products: Argent has no learning curve - no expensive consultants, just solid, old-fashioned engineering excellence.


Rules are tests; a Rule is broken if the threshold is exceeded.

For example, a Performance Rule may be defined as "If CPU usage exceeds 80% three times in a row"; a Service Rule may be defined as "If any Exchange service stops".

Argent's Rules get into the heart of the actual operating systems - Argent uses API calls for Windows, the Unixes, and Linux. Argent gets down to the bare metal.

There are over 3,000 pre-defined Rules.

With these pre-defined Rules, Argent monitors your entire environment: Windows servers, Linux servers, Unix servers, WMI, SNMP devices, UPS power supplies, phone systems, air conditioning plants, security systems.

Monitoring Groups

A Monitoring Group is a list of one or more servers or devices to be monitored. Monitoring Groups are shared by all Argent products - the same Monitoring Group can be used in any number of Argent products.


Argent has 18 different types of Alerts and they fall into two classes: Notification Alerts and Action Alerts. A Notification Alert, such as an Alphanumeric Pager Alert, sends the details of a broken Rule; an Action Alert takes corrective action, such as a SQL Alert executing a SQL statement.

For example, if a SQL Transaction Log becomes too large, an Alphanumeric Pager Alert and an Email Alert can be fired, and a SQL Alert can also be executed to run a SQL statement to truncate the SQL Transaction Log.

In this way, Argent first alerts you of a problem and then automatically corrects the problem for you.


Relators tie together - or relate - Rules, Alerts, and Monitoring Groups.
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