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Argent's Architecture
The Argent Architecture handles from the smallest to the largest networks - from 10 servers to over 25,000 servers. Argent provides three different architectures - Customers can choose the architecture best suited for their precise needs. (See help.Argent.com for more information).

Monitor With Or Without Agents

Local monitoring and remote monitoring both have advantages and drawbacks. Argent provides you with the choice. Most Argent Customers use both - some servers have local monitoring agents installed, while others are monitored remotely across the network.

Fault-Tolerant Design

With the real world in mind, Argent's unique and patented Mother-Daughter architecture guarantees reliable data transfers over unreliable networks. The world's largest companies and government agencies depend on Argent to reliably monitor in an unreliable world.

Total Security

Argent is engineered with complete and integrated firewall support. No matter how sophisticated the environment, Argent monitors it. Of course, Argent comes standard with 128-bit encryption and you can add your own more powerful encryption snap-ins.

Automatic Remote Installation

Some Customers decide they want to use local agents on thousands of servers. This is a simple chore with Argent's mass-installation options - in a matter of hours you can push Argent out to thousands of servers.

Automatic Report Distribution

With Argent, you can easily email reports and charts daily. Argent uses industry-standard Crystal Reports.

For example, SLA reports for the past day are automatically emailed to management each morning -- Argent comes with over 200 predefined reports.
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