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Argent Guardian Ultra
iSeries/AS400 Monitoring
The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems -- automatically.

  • CPU utilization
  • Job CPU usage
  • Disk
  • Free disk space
  • Used disk space
  • Jobs
  • Job not active
  • Job state
  • Job Queue status
  • Batch jobs ended with
  • Batch jobs ending
  • Batch jobs held
  • Batch jobs held on job
  • Batch jobs on held job
  • Batch jobs on unassigned
  • Batch jobs running
  • Batch jobs scheduled
  • Batch jobs waiting
  • Network
  • Line/Control Unit/Device/Network Interface/Network Server status
  • TCP stack not active
  • System
  • Oracle
  • Server response time
  • TCP/IP ping
  • Library size
  • Concurrent users
  • Messages in Message Queue
  • Output Queue status
  • Subsystem not active
  • System ASP utilization
  • System Pool size
  • System Pool status
  • Job Audit log
  • Journal Audit log
  • QHST log
  • Concurrent users
  • Additional storage too low
  • ASP system storage too low
  • Auxiliary storage lower limit too low
  • Current unprotected storage used too high
  • Main storage size too low
  • Main storage size of all pools too low
  • Maximum unprotected storage too high
  • Overflow storage too low
  • Total auxiliary storage too low
  • Users signed off
  • Users signed off with printer output
  • Users signed on
  • Users suspended due to group jobs
  • Users suspended due to SYSREQ
  • Next Steps



    Performance Assured by Argent® Sentinel

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