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Argent Defender Ultra
Determining the stability of Internet and web applications is the single most important thing organizations can do to ensure end user satisfaction. Argent Defender Ultra enables customers to measure the amount of "bend" available before the "break" by providing web site stress testing, capacity planning and performance observation in a single solution. Argent Defender Ultra also simulates complete traffic flow by playing back scripts to find and correct performance issues.

Argent Defender Ultra is a stress testing and analysis solution that predicts the reliability and load bearing capabilities of websites and intranet applications in testing and after the applications go live. Argent Defender Ultra alerts customers through Argent Console if the intranet or web application suffers performance issues.

Here are some of the unique features and benefits of Argent Defender Ultra:

Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Uses Google Chrome
Benefit: Google Chrome is the most common and popular web browser in the world.

Using Google Chrome, Argent simulates the most real users.

Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Has An Enhanced Intelligent Recording Facility
Benefit: Ease of use — reduces the need to fiddle around and modify scripts.

Simply record and playback -- any geek can use it; no training; no consultants; no busted budget.

Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Uses AUTOMATED 'Smart' Stress-Testing Technology
Benefit: Much easier to use than the old Argent Defender -- Argent Defender Ultra automates the entire process.

Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Permutations: New and Improved
Benefit: Easier to use, with an intuitive point-and-click interface to add and remove permutations to transactions.

Anyone can use it; no training; no consultants; no busted budget.

Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Allows External Sites To Be Excluded From Alerting
Benefit: Most websites include off-site links such as ads, Facebook and Twitter feeds, etc.

The option to exclude these 'external sites' provides far better testing of the customer's website; unique to Argent.

Feature: Argent Defender Ultra Displays Waterfall Reports For Each Transaction
Benefit: Now customers know not only that a website is slow but also WHY the website is slow.

Waterfalls are unique to Argent and show instantly what causes the slowdown.

Argent Waterfalls provide valuable insight into which component in a web page is slow, and why it is slow.

Web pages are typically slow due to two main reasons: the web server is slow to 'serve' the files, or the network is slow to download the files.

Argent Waterfalls show all the individual files that were served as part of the web page, and how long each file took to load. It further divides the loading time into 'Wait' and 'Receive' times.

The orange 'Wait' time is how long the web server took to serve the file.

The purple 'Receive' time is how long it took to download the file through their network.

Lots of Orange    =    Slow Web Server
Lots of Purple    =    Slow Network

Argent Shows Exactly Where The Problem Is

Website And Intranet Load Testing And Analysis

Companies are faced with a daunting task in today's tight economy -- deliver web and intranet applications in a timely manner and under budget, and, at the same time, deliver a reliable solution.

Customers will not accept poor performance or reliability. Companies need to ensure that these applications are fully tested and analyzed prior to deployment. The emulation of thousands of end users allows companies to see what will happen before the end user does.

Argent Defender Ultra sends alerts if a website or intranet application slows below pre-defined thresholds via Argent Console. Stress testing, capacity planning and performance monitoring -- all in one solution.

How Argent Defender Ultra Works

When your critical online resources slow or crash, your business or department crashes as well.

Your online resources are your business.

Often, coolness trumps Total Web Assurance - the screens get all the attention, and the underlying infrastructure is ignored, creating an online resource that does not scale and is unreliable.


Before you go live, Argent lets you completely test your soon-to-be-live online resource.

Let's assume your test is for two hours. Over those two hours, Argent slowly increases the load - the number of transactions per minute. As this load is increased, Argent records all critical metrics and displays them on a single screen in real time.

Instead of masses of undigested raw data, you get a single screen telling you all you need to know. By slowly increasing the load over the test period, the traits of the complete environment are shown - how each critical resource changes.


Once in production your needs are precisely the same as in testing, with one critical difference: the load.

In pre-production testing, the load was designed to overwhelm and to deliberately break the nascent online resource. Obviously in production the opposite is true.

A unique benefit of Argent is all work done in the pre-production phase is re-used in the production phase. The only change is the load - rather than pumping in 10,000 complete transactions a minute, it's two transactions per minute. So all the time and money invested in the pre-production phase is not wasted.

And when the next version or release of the online resource is ready, you already have a complete set of regression tests.
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