Argent Sentry Ultra

Argent Sentry Ultra monitors websites, FTP sites, and email servers. It can identify website issues during development and after deployment in production. Argent Sentry Ultra integrates with Argent Console for flexible alerting and event escalation so issues can be dealt with promptly, even before the end user sees them. Argent Sentry Ultra’s flexibility enables customers the power to maintain any size environment and provides full reporting.

Argent Sentry Ultra also has fraud prevention techniques, checking for changes to web pages. Argent Console will then alert customers if any unauthorized modifications are detected. Customers have full control over which web pages are monitored.

Total Web Integrity

Total Web Integrity protects critical websites and intranets against all forms of attacks.

Total Web Integrity is based on a simple idea: a web property is really just a collection of files.

If these files are constantly monitored for hacker attacks and changes, the hackers are defeated.

Automatic restoration provides complete automation before, during, and after an attack.

Website Response Time Monitor

Ongoing response time monitoring is essential for reporting website performance at various times and for detecting problems with a website. Argent Console generates alerts if the response time slows to a specified threshold and the performance data can be saved for trend analysis.

Website Reliability

Improve website reliability by eliminating broken links and missing files. This feature traverses a website checking for broken links, missing images, etc. Argent Console generates alerts if any issues are found.

FTP Site Monitor

FTP site monitoring can be setup to check for specific files on the site and optionally test downloading the files. Alerts are generated by Argent Console if specified files are missing or fail to download. Alerts can also be triggered if a specified file exists on the FTP site.

Email Performance Monitor

Argent Sentry Ultra will monitor the email sending and receiving capabilities of a mail server and test round-trip email performance. The performance data can be saved for trend analysis. Argent Console can generate alerts if the email round-trip performance exceeds the specified threshold.

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems — automatically.


  • TCP/IP Ping
  • TCP Port Check
  • FTP, HTTP, HTTPS Service Availability
  • Windows Internet Connectivity API Check

Web Site Change

  • Web Page Changes
  • Hacking/Defacement Attempts

Web Site Response Time

  • Web Server Offline
  • Excessively Slow Pages

Web Site Reliability

  • Web Page Availability
  • Broken Links

Email Performance

  • Email Round Trip Test
  • Broken Links


  • FTP Download Test
  • FTP File Existence