Argent for SharePoint

All SharePoint environments need complete automation and Instant Best Practices.
With all the layoffs, there are fewer people to do more work – this is why Argent’s unique Instant Best Practices is essential – who has the time to read White Papers?
Keep your worldwide SharePoint environment running smoothly with Argent for SharePoint – Instant Best Practices, Automation, Crystal Reports, Management, and Monitoring all in one fully-integrated solution.
If you’re serious about SharePoint, you’ll need a serious solution with Instant Best Practices.

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Argent for SharePoint monitors and reports on SharePoint baselines, such as crawling properties, SSPs, fat documents, web applications, and site counts.
Argent for SharePoint comes with pre-defined reports that can be automatically emailed every morning to show the actual health and performance of SharePoint.

Understanding SharePoint Monitoring

The do’s and dont’s of monitoring SharePoint are readily accessible as a free Argent White Paper

What are Instant Best Practices?

Instant Best Practices are Argent’s unique technology that combines the best expert knowledge into one fully-integrated solution.

Until Instant Best Practices, you’d have to read tedious White Papers, download and install quirky scripts, install so-called “Management” packs, find a slew of vendors’ add-ons, etc, etc, etc.

All these tedious chores took you time and not to mention all the finger pointing from different vendors.

Rather than being a manager and looking to move up the food chain, you were stuck wasting your time doing the donkey work of trying to make yet-another badly written script work for your environment.

Argent Instant Best Practices – Ready For Tomorrow

With Argent’s unique technology, hassles are a thing of the past.

There are a lot of critical variables, thresholds, metrics and components you need to be on top of.

But there’s the rub – what variables should you monitor?

Even after you’ve read all the dozens of Technical Papers, Tuning Guides, downloaded all the scripts, you now have to decide what values make sense.

With Argent’s Instant Best Practices, all the donkey work is done for you – Instant Best Practices has all the critical variables and values defined.

In one click you can have Argent Instant Best Practices working for you.

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems — automatically.

MOSS Configuration

  • Excessive Keywords Per Site
  • Excessive Managed Properties
  • Excessive SSPs
  • Excessive User Profiles

MOSS Search

  • Deep Crawls
  • Excessive Crawls Per SSP

SharePoint Configuration

  • Excessive Web Applications

SharePoint File System

  • Excessive Fat Documents
  • Excessive Flat Folders

SharePoint Sites

  • Excessive Number of Subsites
  • Excessive Number of Sites
  • Overloaded Web Sites


  • Windows NetRemote TOD API Check
  • TCP/IP Ping


  • CPU Utilization
  • Free Disk Space
  • Memory Utilization
  • Network Utilization
  • SharePoint Search Query Count

PowerShell Management

  • Active Directory Disabled Accounts
  • Unauthorized Network Shares


  • SharePoint Search Service
  • SharePoint Timer Service
  • SharePoint Admin Service
  • SharePoint Writer Service