Argent Sentinel

Argent Sentinel is a comprehensive web URL and Server monitoring product from Argent

Below are important features and benefits of Argent Sentinel

1. End-To-End Web Monitoring:

  • Handles all known HTTP error codes
  • Check for one or more known error codes for each URL

Example: Check bad request error (400) for a specific URL
Example: Check unauthorized error (401) for a secured URL
Example: Check all HTTP errors for a home page


Preconfigured error cases: Argent Sentinel has a list of all known HTTP errors

These errors can be tested across all licensed URLs

2. Root Cause Analysis And Correction

• Run WMI and Linux/Unix scripts if a web server is offline or slow
• Preconfigured scripts for checking system resources like CPU, memory, NIC traffic, etc
• Screenshot capturing


Identify and correct the root cause of an issue without manual intervention

3. Load Testing For Web Sites Using Virtual Concurrent Users


Stress testing of websites can be done using a user-configurable number of simulated virtual users

4. Robotic Web Testing

• Mimics user interactions
• Supports manual operations such as mouse clicks and keyboard input
Example: Automatically provides username and password to user’s CRM and login to authenticate user credentials


Automatically run laborious, pain staking web testing which normally requires human interaction

5. Web Data Scraping

• Retrieves data from web pages and makes it available as variables in Script

Example: Go to, retrieve Apple’s stock price, and alert if it crosses a threshold or store the stock price in Argent Predictor for Analytics


Configure Notification Alerts based on data updated in websites

Can use Argent Predictor and Argent Reports for web-scraped data

6. Script Driven

Easy to understand, edit, and maintain


Enhance a recorded Script with Argent APIs or customer’s APIs

7. Automatically Integrates With Existing Argent AT Installations


Easy to install and upgrade; easy to prepare and configure infrastructure and environment
Exploit Argent AT Notification Alerts, Argent Console, etc

8. State Of The Art Development Tools

Headless (No Graphical User Interface) Chrome or Chromium browser works with lowest resource and is the fastest
Puppeteer (native API access to Chrome and Chromium) is the leading tool used for web automation