Argent Guardian Ultra

Argent Guardian® Ultra is the world’s most scalable monitoring solution for all Windows, Linux, UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, SCO, Solaris), and iSeries Servers. Using a patented agent-optional architecture, Argent Guardian® Ultra monitors servers with or without installing agents, providing the power and flexibility to define the monitoring architecture to match customers’ exact needs.

Argent Guardian® Ultra monitors the health and performance of servers and when issues arise, alerts are executed via Argent Console. Argent Console can be viewed using both a traditional GUI interface, as well as a web-based interface. Over a dozen different types of alerts can be executed using Argent Console, such as alphanumeric paging, email, and SMS. Argent also can take corrective measures, such as restarting stopped or stalled services and even rebooting servers. As a result, IT personnel are notified and issues are addressed automatically before end users even know problems exist. Argent makes SLA commitments easy to meet.

Find out why more than 2,000 organizations worldwide rely on Argent to enhance the reliability and performance of their enterprise.

Agent-Optional Architecture

Using a unique and patented agent-optional architecture, Argent Guardian® Ultra is the leading solution for monitoring all aspects of the enterprise from a central console. Argent Guardian® Ultra supports all Windows, Linux, Unix and iSeries systems. The product is delivered with powerful, pre-defined Rule Sets containing over 10,000 Rules and pre-defined reports enabling customers to immediately maximize the reliability of production servers and applications through the automatic detection and correction of problems and issues. For example, Service Level Agreement reports can be generated each day and then automatically emailed to management.

Lower Support Costs And Increased Reliability

Argent Guardian® Ultra decreases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while at the same time increasing the reliability of production servers, all from a central console that can be viewed using both a traditional GUI interface, as well as a web-based interface. Over 10,000 pre-defined Rules enable customers to effectively and comprehensively monitor all production servers within two hours of installation.

Flexible Architecture: Scales To Meet Requirements

Only Argent supports a number of different monitoring architectures. Install Argent Guardian® Ultra on a single server and, in a matter of minutes, monitor all the servers in the enterprise. For larger organizations, install Regional Agents for greater flexibility. For customers with unique needs, Argent Guardian® Ultra supports both remote (agentless) and agent-based monitoring in the same domain. As a result, whether there are 10 servers or 10,000 servers, Argent Guardian® Ultra is the ideal solution.

Argent is the choice of four of the five largest law firms on the world.

Unique n-Tier Architecture

No other product has Argent Guardian® Ultra’s true n-tier architecture. Monitoring Groups and SuperConsoles can easily be created to group servers along business lines, geographic location, or server type; the possibilities are unlimited.

Only Argent Console enables customers to view all outstanding alerts from all Monitoring Groups worldwide on a central console as well as issue alerts when problems arise. For example, servers can be grouped by type – all SQL Servers in one monitoring environment, all Exchange Servers in another, all IIS Servers in another, and so on and yet still view them all on the same console.

A Total Solution

Argent Guardian® Ultra is a complete and integrated solution. Unlike other vendors who sell separate consoles and GUIs, Argent Guardian® Ultra provides everything needed to completely monitor the enterprise at one cost-effective price. Argent Guardian® Ultra integrates with help desk solutions such as Remedy, as well as all common hardware monitors, such as Dell OpenManage and IBM Director.

Windows Monitoring

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems — automatically.


  • CPU overload
  • Processor bottleneck
  • Excessive CPU utilization by process
  • Processor errors


  • Free space
  • Used space
  • Disk queue length
  • Disk I/O by processes


  • Available memory
  • Excessive memory usage by processes
  • Memory shortage


  • Network bottleneck
  • Network availability
  • Inbound traffic
  • Outbound traffic
  • Network errors
  • Cluster network availability
  • Cluster network interface availability


  • Hung processes
  • Key application processes

Service Level Agreement

  • Windows API
  • TCP/IP Ping
  • Port Status Checks
  • File Share Accessibility
  • SSH Logons


  • ArcServe
  • Backup Exec
  • DB2
  • DHCP Client/DHCP Server
  • Lotus Domino
  • IBM Websphere HTTP
  • IIS
  • Oracle
  • Routing And Remote Access
  • Print Spooler
  • SQL Server
  • ICA Browser
  • Terminal Services


  • Availability
  • Registry Keys
  • System Uptime
  • Service Pack Levels
  • PowerShell/WMI Connectivity

Linux/Unix Monitoring

Because of Argent’s unique architecture, Argent installs in under 10 minutes and is monitoring your environment in under an hour.
Argent gives you the choice of any – or all – of the following seven methods to monitor your Linux and Unix servers:

Centrally Located Scripts – No Confusion

Argent holds all Unix and Linux Rule Scripts on central W200x servers, so all your Rule Scripts for all Unix and Linux platforms are centrally maintained – easy to find, easy to use, and easy to backup. No more searching for the machine holding that critical but elusive script, and no more confusion with 10 different versions of the same script on 10 different servers.

Argent gives you the choice of any – or all – of seven methods to access your Unix and Linux servers.

Script-based Flexibility – No Learning Curve

Argent monitors all Unix and Linux platforms using Rule Scripts, providing Customers with complete flexibility and ease of use. Argent provides a complete set of Rule Scripts for all platforms covering all your common, day-to-day monitoring needs. And you can easily add to your own scripts.

Total Testing – Saving You Time

Argent provides total testing for all scripts before they go live – even today most vendors have no test facilities or test logs. Argent is designed for the real world, where you reside.

Partial Rule List

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.


  • CPU utilization
  • CPU trend analysis
  • 1-minute load average
  • Excessive CPU by process


  • Free disk space
  • Used disk space
  • Swap space used
  • Available swap space


  • Free memory
  • Excessive memory usage by process


  • Network bandwidth
  • Network traffic
  • Network issues
  • Network performance
  • Network connections


  • Oracle user processes
  • Running processes
  • Sleeping processes
  • Zombie processes


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Sybase


  • TCP/IP Ping
  • DB2 port check
  • Oracle listener port check
  • SMTP port check
  • POP3 protocol verification
  • SMTP protocol verification
  • Server response time
  • Connected users
  • OS level


  • lpsched
  • NFS biod
  • NFS lockd
  • NFS mountd
  • NFS nfsd
  • NFS statd


  • System log
  • Boot log
  • Cron log
  • FTP log
  • Sendmail log
  • Postfix log
  • NTP log

iSeries/AS400 Monitoring

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems — automatically.


  • CPU utilization
  • Job CPU usage


  • Free disk space
  • Used disk space


  • Job not active
  • Job state
  • Job Queue status
  • Batch jobs ended with
  • Batch jobs ending
  • Batch jobs held
  • Batch jobs held on job
  • Batch jobs on held job
  • Batch jobs on unassigned
  • Batch jobs running
  • Batch jobs scheduled
  • Batch jobs waiting


Line/Control Unit/Device/Network Interface/Network Server status
TCP stack not active


  • Oracle
  • Server response time
  • TCP/IP ping
  • Library size
  • Concurrent users
  • Messages in Message Queue
  • Output Queue status
  • Subsystem not active
  • System ASP utilization
  • System Pool size
  • System Pool status
  • Job Audit log
  • Journal Audit log
  • QHST log
  • Concurrent users
  • Additional storage too low
  • ASP system storage too low
  • Auxiliary storage lower limit too low
  • Current unprotected storage used too high
  • Main storage size too low
  • Main storage size of all pools too low
  • Maximum unprotected storage too high
  • Overflow storage too low
  • Total auxiliary storage too low
  • Users signed off
  • Users signed off with printer output
  • Users signed on
  • Users suspended due to group jobs
  • Users suspended due to SYSREQ