Argent for XenApp

Argent for XenApp is more than just a monitoring solution — like all Argent products, Argent for XenApp is a complete automation solution, automating all the essential but labor-intensive chores that all customers must perform to ensure XenApp runs smoothly.

With all the layoffs, there are fewer people to do more work – this is why Argent’s unique Instant Best Practices is essential – who has the time to read White Papers?
The most significant aspect of Argent for XenApp is the use of a number of different approaches to monitoring XenApp, unifying a centralized monitoring platform for XenApp running on all Windows or Linux/Unix systems. Think of Argent for XenApp as four or five discrete products all integrated into one super-product.


Argent for XenApp monitors and reports on XenApp baselines, such as availability, access rules, authentication, licensing and ICA session rules.
Argent for XenApp integrates with pre-defined Argent Reports that can be automatically emailed every morning to show the actual health and performance of XenApp.

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems — automatically.

XenApp Application Monitoring Rules

  • Anonymous Connection Rules
  • Application Availability Rules
  • Application User Count Rules
  • Disabled Application Rules
  • Process CPU Usage Rules
  • Session Usage Time Rules

XenApp Availability Rules

  • AppController Rules
  • Citrix License Server Rules
  • Common Citrix Communication Port Rules
  • EdgeSight Rules
  • Password Manager Rules
  • StageManager Rules
  • XenApp Rules
  • XenClient Rules

Accessibility Monitoring Rules

  • Desktop Access Rules
  • Directory Access Rules
  • RADIUS Rules

Agent Monitoring Rules

  • Citrix Safeword Rules
  • RSA Rules
  • User-Agent HTTP Header Rules

Authentication Monitoring Rules

  • Access Gateway Authentication Rules
  • Anonymous Logon Rules
  • Context Look-up Failure Rules
  • Invalid Authentication Rules
  • Novell Directory Services[NDS] Rules
  • Two-factor Authentication Rules
  • Web Interface Authentication Rules
  • Workspace Control Rules


  • Citrix Online Plugin Monitoring Rules
  • Citrix Streaming Service Monitoring Rules
  • Citrix XML Service Monitoring Rules
  • Client Detection Monitoring Rules
  • Event ID File Monitoring Rules
  • ICA File Signing Monitoring Rules
  • Password Manager Monitoring Rules
  • SSL Connection Monitoring Rules
  • Secure Ticket Authority Monitoring Rules

Configuration Monitoring Rules

  • Protocol Transition Service Rules
  • Site Configuration Rules
  • Web Interface Configuration Rules

Permission Monitoring Rules

  • Client For Java Rules
  • Client Installer Rules
  • Language Pack File Rules
  • Server Monitoring Rules

Server Error Rules

  • Server Farm Rules
  • Server License Rules

Citrix CPU Utilization Management User Rules

  • CPU Entitlement Rules
  • CPU Shares Rules
  • CPU Usage Rules
  • Long-term CPU Usage Rules

Citrix IMA Networking Rules

  • Bytes Received Per Second Rules
  • Bytes Sent Per Second Rules
  • Network Connections Rules

Citrix Licensing Rules

  • Average License Check-In Response Time Rules
  • Average License Check-Out Response Time Rules
  • Last Recorded License Check-In Response Time Rules
  • Last Recorded License Check-Out Response Time Rules
  • License Server Connection Failure Rules
  • Maximum License Check-In Response Time Rules
  • Maximum License Check-Out Response Time Rules

Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server Rules

  • Application Resolution Time Rules
  • Application Resolutions Per Second Rules
  • Cumulative Server Load Rules
  • Data Store Connection Failure Rules
  • Data Store Bytes Read Rules
  • Data Store Bytes Read Per Second Rules
  • Data Store Bytes Written Per Second Rules
  • Data Store Reads Rules
  • Data Store Reads Per Second Rules

ICA Session Rules

  • Input Audio Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Clipboard Bandwidth Rules
  • Input COM Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Control Channel Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Drive Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Font Data Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Licensing Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Printer Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Seamless Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Session Bandwidth Rules
  • Input Session Compression Rules
  • Input Session Line Speed Rules
  • Latency – Last Recorded Rules
  • Latency – Session Average Rules
  • Latency – Session Deviation Rules
  • Output Audio Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Clipboard Bandwidth Rules
  • Output COM Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Control Channel Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Drive Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Font Data Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Printer Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Seamless Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Session Bandwidth Rules
  • Output Session Compression Rules
  • Output Session Line Speed Rules
  • Output ThinWire Bandwidth Rules

Secure Ticket Authority Rules

  • STA Count of Active Tickets Rules
  • STA Good Data Request Count Rules
  • STA Good Ticket Request Count Rules
  • STA Peak All Request Rate Rules
  • STA Peak Ticket Request Rate Rules
  • STA Ticket Timeout Count Rules

XenApp Server Monitoring Rules

  • XenApp Server Load Rules

XenApp Service Status Monitoring Rules

  • CPU Rebalancer Service Rules
  • Resource Management Service Rules
  • Citrix Independent Management Architecture Service Rules
  • Citrix Licensing Service Rules
  • Citrix Licensing WMI Service Rules
  • Citrix MFCOM Service Rules
  • Citrix Print Manager Service Rules
  • Citrix Streaming Service
  • Citrix Virtual Memory Optimization Service Rules
  • Citrix WMI Service Rules
  • Citrix XML Service Rules
  • Citrix XTE Server Service Rules
  • Remote Desktop Service Rules

XenApp Session Monitoring Rules

  • Active Session Count Rules
  • Connected Session Count Rules
  • Disconnected Session Count Rules
  • Listening Session Count Rules
  • User Specific Session Count Rules