Argent for Sybase

Argent for Sybase provides the complete monitoring of aspects of Sybase ASE database servers.

Argent for Sybase monitors all the important performance indicators of Sybase ASE database server and notifies through Alerts, if the performance metrics are beyond a given threshold.

This helps the DBA to easily pinpoint the issues which affect the overall Sybase ASE database.

Argent for Sybase provides Rules for:

  • Sybase Capacity
  • Sybase Availability
  • Sybase Disk I/O
  • Sybase Kernel
  • Sybase Data Cache
  • Sybase Procedure Cache
  • Sybase Metadata
  • Sybase Database Usage\
  • Sybase Network
  • Sybase Custom Queries
  • Sybase Error Logs
  • Sybase Active Transactions
  • Sybase Wait Events

The following is a partial list of installed Rules. Out-of-the-box, Argent handles over 95% of your day-to-day needs.
Argent solves all your day-to-day problems — automatically.

Sybase Availability

  • ASE Logon Rules
  • Offline Engines
  • Blocked Sessions

Sybase Capacity

  • Active Connections
  • Connections Remaining
  • Connections Utilization
  • Connections Per Second
  • Locks Remaining
  • Locks Used
  • Locks Utilization

Sybase Metadata

  • Open Databases
  • Open Database Utilization
  • Open Objects
  • Open Objects Utilization
  • Open Partitions
  • Open Partitions Usage Percentage
  • Open Indexes
  • Open Indexes Utilization

Sybase Database

  • Database Count
  • Database Free Space
  • Transaction Log Free Space

Sybase Data Cache

  • Data Cache Searches
  • Data Cache Hit Rate
  • Data Cache Hits Per Second
  • Data Cache Space Used By Objects

Sybase Procedure Cache

  • Procedure Cache Hit Rate
  • Procedure Cache Size
  • Procedure Cache Utilization
  • Procedure Cache Space Used By Objects

Sybase Disk IO

  • Disk Reads
  • Disk Writes

Sybase Disk IO

  • Disk Writes
  • Disk Reads Per Second
  • Disk Writes Per Second
  • Disk IO Per Second

Sybase Kernel

  • Engines Online
  • Engine User Busy Usage Percentage
  • Engine System Busy Usage Percentage
  • Engine IO Busy Usage Percentage

Sybase Network

  • Packets Sent In Millions
  • Packets Sent Per Second
  • Packets Received In Millions
  • Packets Received Per Second
  • Data Sent In MB
  • Data Sent Per Second
  • Data Received In MB
  • Data Received Per Second

Sybase Error Logs

  • ErrorLog Archiving
  • ErrorLog Monitoring

Sybase Active Transactions

  • Active Transaction Count
  • Long Running Transaction

General Statistics

  • Query Response Time Rules
  • Deadlock Detection
  • CPU Usage Of Currently Executing T-SQL Statements
  • Slow Running Query
  • Instance Uptime
  • Instance License Expiry

Operating System

  • Service Level Agreement Rules
  • Windows Service Rules
  • System Down Rules