Argent for Active Directory

Argent for Active Directory is more than just a monitoring solution — like all Argent products, Argent for Active Directory is a complete automation solution, automating all the essential but labor-intensive chores that all customers must perform to ensure Active Directory runs smoothly.

With all the layoffs, there are fewer people to do more work – this is why Argent’s unique Instant Best Practices is essential – who has the time to read White Papers?

The most significant aspect of Argent for Active Directory product is the use of a number of different approaches to monitoring Active Directory: PowerShell, WMI, and classic Windows APIs are all used in different parts of the product. Think of Argent for Active Directory as four or five discrete products all integrated into one super-product.


Argent for Active Directory monitors and reports on Active Directory baselines, such as DNS, LDAP response times, file replication, trusts and authentication.

Argent for Active Directory comes with pre-defined SLA reports that can be automatically emailed every morning to show the actual health and performance of Active Directory.

What are Instant Best Practices?

Instant Best Practices are Argent’s unique technology that combines the best expert knowledge into one fully-integrated solution.

Until Instant Best Practices, you’d have to read tedious White Papers, download and install quirky scripts, install so-called “Management” packs, find a slew of vendors’ add-ons, etc, etc, etc.

All these tedious chores took you time and not to mention all the finger pointing from different vendors.

Rather than being a manager and looking to move up the food chain, you were stuck wasting your time doing the donkey work of trying to make yet-another badly written script work for your environment.

Argent Instant Best Practices – Ready For Tomorrow

With Argent’s unique technology, hassles are a thing of the past.

There are a lot of critical variables, thresholds, metrics and components you need to be on top of.

But there’s the rub – what variables should you monitor?

Even after you’ve read all the dozens of Technical Papers, Tuning Guides, downloaded all the scripts, you now have to decide what values make sense.

With Argent’s Instant Best Practices, all the donkey work is done for you – Instant Best Practices has all the critical variables and values defined.

In one click you can have Argent Instant Best Practices working for you.

Active Directory

  • Bad Password Counts
  • Created Users
  • Disabled Users
  • Group Members
  • Locked User Counts
  • Unchanged Passwords


  • Kerberos Authentication Rates
  • NTLM Authentication Rates
  • Check Logon Authentication


  • Active Directory Web Services
  • Distributed File System Replication
  • Global Catalog Server
  • Kerberos
  • RPC Server
  • Server Message Block (SMB)
  • SMTP Replication

Directory Services

  • DRA Inbound/Outbound Bytes/Sec
  • DRA Pending Replications
  • Name Cache Hit Rate


  • DNS Authentication
  • DNS Event Logs
  • DNS Resolution (Any Record Type)
  • DNS Server Services
  • Connectivity

File Replication

  • Binding Errors
  • Change Orders
  • File Errors
  • Packets Sent/Received
  • USN Records


  • Bind Times
  • Client Sessions
  • Custom LDAP Queries
  • Services
  • Distributed File System
  • Intersite Messaging
  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center
  • Net Logon
  • Resultant Set of Policy Provider
  • Routing and Remote Access
  • Windows Time


  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Storage Usage
  • File Accessibility
  • Protocol Verification
  • System Uptime
  • Service Pack Level
  • TCP/IP Port Checks