Argent Console

Argent Console is the world’s leading alerting console.

With Argent Console, Alerts can be consolidated from customer applications, third-party products, as well as from all Argent products.

All Alerts and alarms from customer applications and third-party products can be consolidated using Argent’s powerful ActiveX and XML interfaces. Any number of third party packages can send Alerts directly to the console as well.

Argent Console is the perfect solution for a customer’s central console. Argent Console allows tracking of and creates Alerts about all events as they occur on the network.

Enterprise Application View

What Argent provides today is an Enterprise View of Customer’s critical applications. Rather than just monitoring the CPU load in isolation, Argent integrates this single metric into a custom weighted scheme.

For example, take an Exchange 2007 environment running on four servers.

If one server fails, then Argent reports the Exchange environment has been degraded by 20% and sends out one set of Argent Alerts.

If two servers fail, Argent Enterprise View reports a 50% degradation and send out additional Argent Alerts.

If three servers fail, then Argent Enterprise View will report a 85% degradation.

Customers can adjust the parameters to meet their needs. The impact of a single event can be entirely different than that of multiple events.

Argent Enterprise View looks at all of the application’s critical components. It does not matter if the various components are distributed throughout the world.

Argent monitors all aspects of your critical applications.

Unprecedented SNMP Support

Argent Console provides a new level of support to receive alarms and Alerts from any SNMP device and record it on the central Argent Console.

Unlimited Alerting And Alert Escalation

Argent Console has long been known for its powerful array of Alerts such as Email Alerts, Alphanumeric Pager Alerts, Network Message Alerts, SMS Alerts, SQL Alerts (that fire customer created SQL scripts as an Alert), and Service Alerts (to stop and restart Windows Services).

These Alerts can be used with pre-existing applications — the alarm is simply sent to Argent Console, the customer specifies which alert is to be fired and Argent does the rest.

Escalating Alerts allow customers the ability to specify a detailed alerting sequence for any particular issue. For instance, if employee X is alerted via email and does not respond, then employee Z will be alerted via pager, etc. Customers have complete control over escalation details including who will be notified and how the alert will be sent.

Ease Of Use

The Total Support Interface, part of Argent Console, enables the sending of any customized Alerts directly to the console.

Because of the universal nature of Argent Console, the ActiveX interface allows the sending of alarms and Alerts from literally any language, from PERL to Visual Basic, to C++.

The Total Support Interface provides complete code samples, technical notes, and engineering notes and an SDK.


Argent introduces a powerful new automatic report distribution facility to allow the receiving of specific reports that are considered important to the customer. Reports can be scheduled of the customer’s top-10 issues or weekly reports of the top-10 problematic servers. And of course, the revolutionary Argent calendaring features, popular in Argent AT and Argent Job Scheduler, are fully supported.

Argent divides Alerts into two categories, Notification and Correction Alerts.

The following table lists some of the installed Alerts.

Notification Alerts

  • Alphanumeric Pager
  • Email
  • Network Message
  • SMS
  • System Alarm
  • Third-Party Help Desk
  • Twitter
  • Unix Action Script
  • Windows Event Log

Correction Alerts

  • iSeries Commands
  • ODBC/SQL Query
  • PowerShell Action Scripts
  • Service Start/Stop/Restart
  • SNMP
  • System Commands
  • System Reboot
  • Linux/Unix Action Scripts
  • WMI Action Scripts

SuperMaps lets you quickly see the Alerts for your entire enterprise

Any image can be used as a SuperMap — geographical maps, network diagrams, floor plans or a even a digital photo of a server rack

SuperMaps represents Alerts as dots, varying from red, orange, yellow, or green — all configurable of course

Individual SuperMaps can also be hot-linked together, allowing you to effectively zoom in from macro to micro within a few mouse clicks

SuperMaps can also be viewed and shared using a web browser through Argent’s revolutionary Web 2.0 dashboard — Argent Commander

To discuss SuperMaps with an Argent professional, please email