Argent AWS

AWS is new, AWS is exciting, and AWS is grossly undermanaged.

While Amazon has done a superb job, an independent, agnostic, and even-handed outside auditor and monitor is essential for all production AWS implementation.

This is precisely what the new Argent for AWS provides.

AWS is growing by the day, and it is getting more and more difficult to have a global view of your entire AWS environment.

Argent for AWS provides the following baseline facilities:

  • Ability To Monitor All Aspects Exposed By AWS Console And AWS SDK
  • Integration With Argent Console, The World’s Leading Alerting Console
  • Integration With Argent Predictor For Long-Term Trend Analysis (Not Just 14 Days)
  • Capable Of Native Monitoring of Windows And Linux Applications
  • Comprehensive S3 Monitoring
  • Complete Log Monitoring On S3, EBS Volume Or EC2 Instance Store Volume


  • Instance State
  • Instance Status
  • System Status
  • CPU
  • Disk Read Operations
  • Disk Write Operations
  • Disk Read Bytes
  • Disk Write Bytes
  • Network Incoming Bytes
  • Network Outgoing Bytes
  • Network Incoming Packets
  • Network Outgoing Packets

EC2 Credits

  • CPU Credit Usage
  • CPU Credit Balance

EC2 Operating System

  • Windows Performance Rules
  • Windows Service Rules
  • Windows Event Rules
  • Windows File Log Rules
  • Linux Script Rules
  • LINUX File Log Rules

Elastic Beanstalk Application

  • Health Status
  • Health Color
  • App Events


Database Status
RDS Events
DB Connections
Free Storage Space
Freeable Memory
Swap Usage
IO Disk Queue Depth
IO Write IO OP
IO Read Throughput
IO Write Throughput
Network Receive Throughput
Network Transmit Throughput
Replica Lag

RDS Credits

  • CPU Credit Usage
  • CPU Credit Balance


  • Table Row Count
  • Table Size
  • Conditional Check Failed Requests
  • Consumed Read Capacity Units
  • Consumed Write Capacity Units
  • Provisioned Read Capacity Units
  • Provisioned Write Capacity Units
  • IO Read Throttle Events
  • Query Returned Item Count
  • Stream Returned Bytes
  • Stream Returned Records Count
  • IO Successful Request Latency
  • IO Successful Request Count
  • System Errors
  • IO Throttled Requests
  • User Errors
  • IO Write Throttle Events


  • S3 Object
  • S3 Log
  • Bucket Size
  • Object Count


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