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What Makes Argent Stand Out?

  • Ensures business success by ensuring all critical business applications run properly
  • Accurately finds and diagnoses issues, eliminating finger-pointing
  • Integrates all monitoring activities into SLA management reports
  • Improves and expands SLA initiatives
  • Provides a central console for your entire infrastructure
  • Provides critical insight into application performance and stability
  • We are just a phone call away with no automated queues
  • We are big enough to deliver, but small enough to care
  • We will ensure a smooth transition from your old platform to your new
  • We do FREE onsite health checks

Our Products

Built on uncompromising quality, Argent was founded as a Batch Automation toolset for Wall Street. Our DNA incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, UI/UX, and software development based on customer feedback.

Argent Omega

Argent Omega is the next-generation Argent monitoring product. Argent Omega provides an easy-to-use interface with integrated AI learning.

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Argent Job Scheduler

The days of manually scheduling and managing batch processes are over. Business process automation lowers overall IT costs, ensures application efficiency, enhances IT service, and assists with compliance automation. Argent Job Scheduler and Argent Queue Engine automate business processes, alert customers via Argent Console when issues occur, and provide Service Level Agreements so that management receives the Business View of IT. Argent Job Scheduler provides a single point of control.

Argent Reporter

Argent Reporter is the reporting facility built into Argent Omega. It uses RDLC (Report Definition Language Client) technology to generate reports. It takes RDL files designed with Microsoft Report Builder then generates RDLC files internally for reporting. It reports critical aspects of Argent Omega such as Cross Reference, Outstanding Events, Performance Chart, System Events, and User Audit etc. Bundled reports are provided.

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